Community Service Massage Team

Community Service Massage Team – Emergency Response Division (CSMT-ER)

The purpose of this team is to provide comfort and support for the volunteers and staff that aid in resolving a disaster. We are only called out when the cleanup or support is needed for longer than 36 hours. Possible disasters include but are not limited to; apartment fires, floods, tornadoes, or explosions.

Because of the possibly dangerous situations, we may need to respond to, we need to be prepared. In preparation, we MUST all take 4+ training classes. 2 classes are online and about 4 hours each. Those classes are FEMA IS100 and IS200 found at

There are 2 courses that you will need to take that are in-person classroom style. These will be offered at least once a year in different locations throughout the state of Wisconsin. Please watch the calendar of events on our website as well as other informational notices.

You will need to retake all 4 courses every two years to stay active on the team unless you have participated in a disaster during that time. You also must be a professional, active member of AMTA in good standing.

Community Service Massage Team – Emergency Response Division (CSMT-ER) currently is without a chair.

If you are interested, contact Mary Schweiger at or 262.623.4900