Exhibitors are contracted through the AMTA-WI Chapter for each event. Exhibitors must be approved by the Chapter Board of Directors and the AMTA National Legal Team prior to event. In the event an Exhibitor is not approved, fees paid shall be refunded. Our members enjoy the opportunity to view, sample and purchase products at our events.

Exhibitor: A person or entity who wishes to establish a physical presence at an AMTA- WI-Chapter sponsored event for the purposes of promoting services or continuing education classes, or for the sale of products.

Exhibitor Space: Each Exhibitor space is approximately 8’ wide by 6’ deep and includes the use of one draped 6’-8’ table and two chairs. No “pipe and drape” dividers will be provided.

2020 State Convention Fees: $50 per Exhibitor Space for the duration of the event. Special requests such as phone line, WIFI may incur additional fees. Exhibitors are NOT required to be available for all days of multi-day events. Discounts are NOT available to Exhibitors choosing to participate in fewer available days.

Payment: Payment is due in full no later than 14 days prior to the event.No refund shall be issued if Exhibitor fails to participate for any reason. In the unlikely event the event is canceled in advance by AMTA-WI, Exhibitor shall be issued a refund.

Set-Up: Each event will have specified Exhibitor access and set-up times. Early set-up may be available on a case-by-case basis. Exhibitor displays may be required to be vacated or moved to a secure location during the overnight hours. Please ask for direction from the Exhibits Coordinator Martha Karban before proceeding with your set-up.

Travel/Lodging: These expenses are the responsibility of Exhibitor. A Group Room Block and Group Rate are generally available at the host hotel.

Marketplace Hours: Each event shall have designated hours to encourage attendees to visit. Exhibitor may choose to remain “open” during other conference hours, if desired, to interact with volunteers/visitors. There is no charge for attendees or guests to access the Marketplace. Conferences may include networking or other social events and activities which may take place in the Marketplace. Please refer to the event agenda online for the most current schedule. Note: Everything is subject to change. Every effort to communicate updates will be made by AMTA-WI

Marketplace Location: Exhibitor area may be separate space from, but near, seminar spaces and coffee/water station(s), such as a common hallway. Whenever possible, a dedicated space is utilized for Exhibitors, break/snack stations, and networking events. For smaller, one-seminar events, Marketplace may be set-up along the perimeter of the dedicated classroom. Please be respectful of education events while they are in session.

WI Sales Tax Collection: Is the responsibility of the Exhibitor. A WI Sales Tax Certificate must be displayed if product sales occur at event.

Meals: To keep Exhibitor space at the lowest pricing possible, no event meals or snack service are included in Exhibitor Fee. Some meals may be available during the conference.. Exhibitors wishing to join us for meals may pay for guest meal registration via the AMTA-WI website. Please visit this link. Exhibitors are invited to enjoy coffee, tea, and water service, when provided. Other beverage and snack/food service for attendees is not included for Exhibitors except during advertised and scheduled Free Networking events.

Liability and Insurance: Exhibitor agrees to protect, save or keep the AMTA-WI Chapter, its authorized agents and the event venue, forever harmless from any damages or charges imposed for a violation of any law or ordinance by the negligence of the Exhibitor, as well as strictly comply with the applicable terms and conditions contained in the agreement between the venue and AMTA-WI Chapter regarding the exhibition premises. Further, the Exhibitor shall at all times protect the Board of Directors for AMTA-WI Chapter and its affiliates against and from any loss, damage, liability or expense arising from the Exhibitor’s occupancy of the exhibit space. AMTA-WI Chapter and its affiliates will exercise care as to the protection of the Exhibitor’s property. However, by signing this contract the Exhibitor releases AMTA-WI Chapter, its affiliates, and the venue from any liability.

Exhibit Standards: AMTA-WI Chapter shall retain the right to prohibit any Exhibitor or portion of Exhibitor’s exhibit which it does not deem suitable for the Marketplace or in keeping in character with or the purpose of this conference.

Recognition: AMTA-WI Chapter may also recognize Exhibitors in the Connecting Hands Newsletter provided for our over 2000 members, via Chapter Social Media, and the website.

Amendments: Any and all matters not related or mentioned in these rules shall be the decision of AMTA-WI Chapter