Local Massage-Specific Regulations

Ordinances in Wisconsin Cities, Villages, Towns, or Counties

Wisconsin Statute 460.17 Local regulation

A city, village, town, or county may not enact an ordinance that regulates the practice of massage therapy or bodywork therapy by a person who is licensed by the affiliated credentialing board under this chapter. No provision of any ordinance enacted by a city, village, town, or county that is in effect before February 1, 1999, and that relates to the practice of massage therapy or bodywork therapy, may be enforced against a person who is licensed by the affiliated credentialing board under this chapter.

This statute does not prevent local government units from regulating business in general (such as zoning, local business licenses/registrations/occupancy permits) or from creating ordinances that specifically apply to Massage Establishments.

We are creating a list of local ordinances. The links below are the local ordinances we are aware of. Others may exist. If you know of one we have missed, please forward the information to AMTA-WI Government Relations. This list includes only message-specific ordinances, permits, and licenses, and links were current as of date added. Information is provided without guarantee and may have changed from the time it was posted, you are responsible for researching all applicable laws for massage practice in the area(s) you wish to practice. There may be other local regulation all businesses must comply with (such as zoning and signage) – be sure to check ALL local regulation prior to opening or operating any business.

Ashwuabenon – researching www.ashwaubenon.com/Portals/Ashwaubenon/Chapter_6___BUSINESSES_g.pdf

Brookfield – City – Ordinance, and Massage Business License Application

Caledonia – Village – Massage Establishments & Massage Technicians PDF. Note Exemption: The permits required by this Chapter shall not apply to hospitals, nursing homes, sanitaria, persons holding an unrevoked certificate to practice the healing arts under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, physical therapists or athletic trainers under term contracts. (Download Accessed 4/17/2017

Chippewa Falls – City – Massage Establishment License and Massage Technicians License. Note – Technician License may violate Wisconsin Statute 460.17 (Webpage Accessed 4/17/2017)

Cottage Grove -Town – – researching

Eau Claire – City – Ordinance

Edgar – Village – Ordinances include Massage Establishment License and Permit for Masseur or Masseuse. Note – Permit for Masseur or Masseuse may violate Wisconsin Statute 460.17. Massage regulation begins on page 45 of PDF download. (Download Accessed 4/17/2017 via http://www.vil.edgar.wi.us/)

Galesville – City – researching

Green Bay – City

Greenfield – – Massage Establishment License is reference as as needed in Ordinance 13.01.  Ordinance 13.18 Defines massage, establishment, and lists requirements, including “public nuisance” for therapists not licensed by state. City Clerk reported that all new massage establishments would need to contact the Zoning Department as massage is referenced in zoning laws.
No links for Massage Establishment License were available online as of 1/8/18  City Clerk or Health department. Awaiting call back from Health Dept for clarification. (Website accessed 01/08/2018)

Hales Corners – Village – Ordinance – Massage Establishment License and Ordinance related to Massage Therapist Licensing

Howard – Village – Ordinance – Massage Establishment License and Massage technician’s and manager’s permits. Note – Sec. 6-523 includes exemption for masseurs licensed or registered to practice their respective professions under the laws of the state. They had considered repeal in 2013: www.villageofhoward.com/Archive.aspx?ADID=1882 (Accessed 4/17/2017)

Janesville – City – Massage Establishment License and Massage Technician referenced on their website No information on the page, directs you to contact the Janesville City Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 755-3070 for more information.

Kenosha – City – Massage Therapist License

LaCrosse – City – Ordinance for Sauna and Massage Establishment License. (*Note: link broken on 1/8/2018 review. Will be calling city to verify if ordinance still in effect)

Lake Geneva – City – Massage Establishment License

Lodi – Town – References to “massage establishment” and “massage technician” in Ordinances SECTION 6.41 LIVE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT, though no listed ordinances for those found, suggest a call to City Clerk’s office for clarification, and suggestion they update their code.

Please note – City of Lodi code does NOT have any references to massage. (Accessed 4/17/2017)

Middleton -City – Several references to massage and “massage technician” in the code related to Adult Entertainment. PDF download. Unable to find anything specific to “Massage Establishment”, suggest a call to City Clerk’s office for clarification, and suggestion they update their code.Their March 2017 list of fines PDF for violations includes $100 for massage Establishments, and their Special Events application PDF asks twice about massage activity at event. (Downloads Accessed 4/17/2017)

Milwaukee – City – Massage Establishment Regulation Click link to download PDF for 75 Miscellaneous Health Provisions, Code 75-21 begins on page 18 and- Application PDF (Downloads Accessed 4/17/2017)

Monona – City Massage Establishment License & Ordinance – PDF download from link on page under Licenses & Permits

Montello – City – Ordinance for Sauna and Massage Establishments

Mount Pleasant – Village – Massage Establishment and other massage related Ordinance (link to download code, massage code begins on page 303) and Establishment Application PDF Download (Downloads accessed 4/17/2017)

New Berlin – City – Ordinance for Massage Establishment License

Oak Creek– City – Ordinance PDF download, page 60 – SEC. 7.205 MASSAGE THERAPISTS AND BODYWORKERS (*Government Relations Committee feels where there is local regulation, this in an excellent example of well-written ordinance)

Pardeeville – Village – Repealed 09/06/11 -Chapter 7 Sauna and Massage Establishments (Webpage accessed 4/17/2017)

Pleasant Prairie – Village – Ordinance Chapter 225 referencing Massage Therapist Licensing and Establishment Licensing.  City Clerk reports their Office has not issued a license for a person to practice massage therapy in the Village in over 14 years – October of 2003. (Email response 12/13/1017)  While WI licensed LMT does not require a city massage license, please review the ordinance for additional applicable sections.

Prescott – City – Massage Establishment License and Manager’s permit ordinances (Note Original Sec. 11-7-85(b), Technician regulations was repealed) (Webpage accessed 4/17/2017)

Racine – City – Massage Establishment Permit

Rice Lake – City – researching

South Milwaukee – City – researching

Spring Valley – City – researching

Stevens Point – PDF download of Massage related codes (Download accessed 4/17/2017 via link for Chapter 24 on City’s Code Webpage)

Sun Prairie – City Ordinance – Massage Establishment (*Government Relations Committee feels where there is local regulation, this in an excellent example of well-written ordinance)

Superior – City – Massage Therapy Business License and Massage Therapy Practitioner Applications

Two Rivers – City – Massage Establishments, Technicians, Employees (Webpage accessed 4/17/2017)

Note Sec 6-8-8(a) exempts Licensed Massage Therapists from this section of code.

Waukesha – City – Nothing listed on the city license webpage, but a google search returns a PDF of a Municipal code 8.19 A call to the city clerk to inquire of city massage regulation resulted in them taking my number to get back to me, they did not.

Wausau – City – Repealed its massage related ordinances

Wauwautosa – City – Info page with links to ordinance, application

Walworth County – Repealed January 17, 2011 See notation on Page 6 of PDF of County Board Executive Committee meeting minutes.

West Bend – City – PDF Download see Section 12.08 Massage Establishment License; Massage Technician Permit (PDF accessed via link for Chapter 12 on city code webpage 4/17/2017)

Wyocena – Village – researching